Experience Success Beyond Game Day

drive athletes to win beyond Game Day and become a champion in all aspects of life by successfully transitioning them from being a top 1% high performance athlete to a real world career success!”
As an elite athlete, you have built critical skills sets throughout your career that uniquely qualify, equip and prepare you for unlimited success beyond game day. Embrace that. Leverage that. You are the brand and an athlete for a lifetime forward.
Samantha Card The Athlete Advantage

Discover The Athlete Advantage:
Success Beyond Game Day

You’ve tasted success in your athletic pursuits. Now, how do you translate those skills, that determination and your innate strength into a game-changing career?

Samantha Card, former NCAA Division 1 softball player and Fortune-100 trailblazer, will show you how in The Athlete Advantage: Success Beyond Game Day™.

Let Samantha show you how to apply the skills gained in your competitive sports career to the world of business and:

  • Develop a championship routine
  • Walk into any room and get a seat at the most important table
  • Channel your beast mode
  • Take your game to the next level

A Winning Strategy for Breakout Success  

Author, motivational speaker and corporate coach Samantha Card is a proven winner – on and off the field – who embodies The Athlete Advantage.

When Sammi, as she was known on the field, put away her bat and glove after her last game at the University of Pittsburgh, she had never worked in an office or punched a timeclock. But that didn’t stop her.

Leveraging the skills she had honed as an elite athlete, Sammi set out to compete on a whole new global playing field. And it didn’t take long before her championship style was racking up major points and progression in the corporate world.

After scaling the corporate ladder at a $40-billion Fortune 100 company, Sammi was called up to help give a $1.5-billion spinoff a solid foundation with well positioned global branding in 5 months. Her winning ways helped grow the business into high value end markets resulting into multi-millions in growth. 

Become Champions in All Aspects of Life

The Athlete Advantage, Success Beyond Game Day™, is your chance to tap in, get to work, walk into any room and get a seat at the most important tables! Samantha looks forward to sharing how to level up and leverage your assets into a lifetime achievement, annuity, and legacy.

Athlete Advantage Double Book MOCKUP
Vin Miceli, ceo verb

“Sam’s approach to human connection, relationship building, and financial and life mapping is one of a kind. I have never met someone who views the world the way she can.  Having Sam in my corner gives me the insight and confidence to attack everyday.”

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