“When you prepare, arm, improvise, and navigate with an unwavering human forward approach, you will unlock your true success trajectory. Let’s get to work, tap in!”

Let Me Introduce Myself

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Samantha Card is the Athlete Advantage! Sam’s a former NCAA Division 1 softball player, MBA graduate, Fortune 100 company trail blazer, “level up” expert, and business coach. Additionally, she epitomizes the athlete who has “hit it out of the park” when she transitioned from her sports career to business success.

Samantha passionately crystallized her abilities, curated her knowledge, capitalized her assets and catapulted her athletic career finale into a mega corporate and life success.

She accomplished all this before the age of 33. As an author and athlete business coach, Sam is committed to excellence and legacy creation. In fact, she passionately shares her decisive strategies, 5 step goal creation to manifestation playbook and winner mindset with other professional athletes who face the toughest question in their lives. “What do I do after game day is over?

Samantha, once referred to as “Sammi from Miami”, is on a global mission to teach athletes how to develop a proactive championship routine from Day 1 that can be leveraged beyond game day. What’s more, she prepares you to win in all aspects of life by identifying opportunities, taking action, and applying the life tools gained in competitive sports to business success.

The Athlete Advantage, Success Beyond Game Day™  is your chance to tap in, get to work, walk into any room and get a seat at the most important tables! Furthermore, Sam looks forward to sharing how to level up and leverage your assets into a lifetime achievement, annuity, and legacy.

Who is Samantha Card: Underneath it All

“How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything”
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Samantha Card The Athlete's Advantage: Success Beyond Game Day™ softball champi business coachon kid

I grew up in sports since I was four years old and all I have ever known was sports. Sports was my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sports was my language, my solitude, and my chance. Then my sports career felt like it ended so quickly upon graduating from PITT. The world confused me. I had a fancy chemistry degree with a full-blown identity crisis headwind.

What now?

All I kept thinking post game day was, “who am I beyond sports?” I was a full blown, “grow through what you go through” and yet the outside world thought I had it all together! Life growing up was school, practice #1, eat, practice #2, homework, repeat, with Saturdays and Sundays being softball all day. I had (and have) such a strong family foundation that knew how to shepherd me towards discipline, sacrifice, and consistency, while also letting me experience failure along the journey. Now what?

Now I get to live my life’s purpose. I get to utilize my innate athletic building blocks and acquired corporate critical skill sets to be your champion for change and a chance. Firstly, I get to be a chameleon, wolf, and lion at the same time. I am a chameleon because I am curious, not afraid of change and adapt to my environment. Secondly, I am a wolf because I can lead from the front or back depending on what the team needs. Thirdly, I am a lion because I know how to tap into my beast mode and WIN with respect and integrity, even if I am not the biggest, fastest, or smartest one in the room.

My Why

I have found “MY WHY” by the age of 34 years old. I am diving all the way in because there is no bigger honor than this. I get to be a part of bettering others through leveraging the language of sports, and being a business coach for athletes. Altruism. I am an athlete for a lifetime forward.

“Don’t worry about boiling the ocean, rather focus on getting 1% better every day. Fail often, fail fast and stay curious, your consistency can conquer any pathway ahead.”