“Level Up” Athlete, Author, Dynamic Speaker Samantha Card 

dynamic speaker Samantha Card, The Athlete's Advantage: Success Beyond Game Day

Samantha Card is a true multi-hyphenate:

  • NCAA Division 1 athlete, Sammi from Miami played softball for the University of Pittsburgh 
  • MBA, Six Sigma Certification  
  • Fortune 100 Trailblazer 
  • Motivational Speaker, Level Up Expert, Accountability Partner, and Mentor
  • And now, Author 

Samantha Card played Division 1 softball on a scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh after transferring her sophomore year. As a dedicated athlete, she became the captain of the softball team while also pursuing her chemistry degree in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemistry. Throughout her collegiate sport career, she became a solidified roster starter and three, four power hitter.

Upon graduation, she pursued her master’s in business administration at Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, where she also studied abroad in Marseille France at Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management.

From there, she catapulted up the fortune 100 corporate ladder, while always keeping a pulse on sports through mentoring college athletes, her true passion. And became a dynamic speaker, motivating athletes everywhere.

Motivate Your Team the Athlete Advantage Way!

Success Beyond Game Day™ Rave Reviews

Stacey Nelson, Former UF softball phenom, lawyer and activist
“Sam brings an energy to life that is unmatched, and I have known her long enough to know that this new endeavor is where her light shines best. Her passion is backed up by her
experience, and she’s a force to be reckoned with.”

Are You Ready to Hire Sam? To Tap In and Notch it Up?

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Calling all Elite Athletes • Corporations • Business Professionals • Entrepreneurs

You’ve heard Sam Card’s personal journey from successful athlete to Fortune 100 trailblazer, and how she leveraged her Athlete Advantage to transform her sports career wins into a multi-national business career success. Unquestionably, Sam knows there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Instead, a safe space needed to customize how you can prepare, arm, improvise and navigate when it comes to your career success. Her purpose driven, and thought-provoking message as a dynamic speaker, transforms her audience from listeners into doers that level up. She believes that how you do anything, is how you do everything.

If your audience is interested in connecting the dots between sports and business, needs help on where to start post sports, achieve entrepreneurial success, how to make a career change happen, eager to recruit and retain elite talent – or if you’re looking for an entertaining speaker with a motivational personal story – Sam understands how to connect real world experience with intentional messages that deliver what your audience needs and wants to hear.

7 Reasons to Hire Sam Card to Speak At Your Next Event

1. Being an Athlete is A Business

You Are the Brand Connect the dots between experiential learning acquired throughout sports and applying them to future business success. Sam illustrates how she catapulted business success in a fortune 100 company with zero years of “traditional” work experience. She will provide hands on activations that help athletes develop their unique brand value proposition and find effective ways to articulate that value to get into the most important rooms.

2. Elevation Requires Separation

Adapt to the success altitude, overcome the thin air and close the gap around you while pushing forward to the top of your success. Sam Card’s career experience and network evolution has come with many learnings that you can leverage and add to your toolbox.

3. How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Don’t settle for good enough: a good enough career, a good enough salary, a good enough future. Who Says You Can’t Do It All? So you want to play sports? And go to school? And start a business? Sam Card is a dynamic speaker that will inspire you to dream big – and walks you through how to start before you are “ready.”

4. Sports is the Universal Language

No matter who you are or where you live, sports is the common ground across the globe. Sports is a safe haven for some to fully express themselves personally while other times sports analogies become a key illustrative tool in business to help drive success and results. Sam can show you how to walk the walk: translate your critical skill sets and know-how acquired through sports into an actionable changemaker in business.

5. How to Fail Fast, Take the Quick Learning, Implement and Repeat

With every failure comes an opportunity to learn and grow. The key is learning how to fail fast and not tolerate problems to supercharge your path to success! Sam will guide you on how you can grow through what you go through, fail fast to learn fast and how to leverage the game slowing down with experience.

6. Athletes are a Corporation’s Best Bet

Every corporation wants to grow new revenue and EBITDA streams, so having the right people in the right place can give your enterprise the best tailwind. Sam can help unlock your ability to play the growth game differently and recruit the creme de la creme.

7. Entertain and Inform

The best messages are lost if they’re not presented in a way that is entertaining while also informative. Sam’s stories of her own journey from a successful athlete to a speaker, corporate trailblazer and author combined with her enthusiasm and open personality entertains her audiences while informing them on how to transform her successes into their own future.

Hire Samantha Card as a speaker at your next event to inspire, educate and motivate your audience. It is your choice to tap in and notch it up and she is ready!

Let’s Talk About P.A.I.N.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Personal Appearances

Pivoting From Sports to a Corporate Career

After Samantha started corporate life, she realized the transition from the playing field to the workplace life and politics wasn’t as easy for other athletes as it was for her. She instinctively knew how to use the critical skills she had developed playing sports to her advantage and built a successful, fast paced, profitable career that she loved and where she thrived. As she soared up the corporate ladder, she explored new opportunities to further build a fulfilling and profitable global career that was built on the foundations of her years as a competitive athlete. Samantha never fully left the sports world behind as her athletic building blocks have been her compass throughout her whole professional career. 

Motivating and Captivating Speaker

Sam saw teammates who struggled and didn’t know how to use their brand – their name, their experiences, their personality, their contacts, their sports success – to open doors to life after sports. Samantha Card knew she had an innate viewpoint and skillset that other athletes did not – but that could be learned by highly coachable athletes. And she knew that she had the skills to coach and train athletes to achieve success with results to show after their sports career ended – and Sam also knew that she wanted to take on the challenge head on. 

In addition to her demanding career, Sam began mentoring other athletes, helping them develop the skills and mindset that helped her succeed after game day. She spoke with different NCAA athletic programs about the athlete advantage, as well as the preparation and pivot athletes need to succeed beyond game day. She was asked to be a guest on talk shows and podcasts, in addition to speaking at conferences about the skills and mindset high-performance athletes need to win and transition to life after sports. In addition to her full-time job, she accepts speaking engagements and provides 1:1 mentorship and personal training. 



Padric H.B. Scott testimonial, Samantha Card, The Athlete's Advantage: Success Beyond Game Day

“Samantha has a passion that you can’t help but get behind if you have any goodness in your heart. She understands the plight of the athlete, and how one can give their all for an institution and yet be left at the end of the day in return figuring out both life and identity. One such element gravely misunderstood, is the critical element of financial literacy. Our firm looks forward to continuously aligning with Sam and driving towards a vision of empowered athletes who feel confident to win life after the game.”

Success Beyond Game Day


Samantha realized she needed a bigger platform for her message so she could reach athletes, coaches, parents and leaders who wanted level up direction and guidance. Success Beyond Game Day™ became Sam’s mission: write a book to help athletes understand how to leverage their unique skill-set into a brand they could use to their advantage to build a successful and lucrative legacy after sports. And like all challenges, Samantha faced it head-on. 

Three months later, The Athlete Advantage: Success Beyond Game Day™ was released.