“There is the “winner mentality” that is hard to explain to those who do not have it. It lives in an athlete, and you tap into this “beast mode” that most people will never tap into.”
“There is no I in TEAM, but there is a M and an E.”
Athlete Advantage Books
“You already know how to win in sports, and I am here to “level you up” in all aspects of life by showing you how to identify opportunities, take action, and apply the life tools gained in competitive sports to business success.”
Mentor Athletics Samantha Card The Athlete's Advantage: Success Beyond Game Day™

Are you an athlete who is ready to “level up” and be a Success Beyond Game Day?

Does this sound like you? 

  • Is your graduation and the end of your sports career fast approaching? Are you now wondering, what’s next?

  • Did you play sports your whole life, then after graduation had a few jobs, but nothing felt right?

  • Are you a sports coach or athletic director who wants to help prepare your young athletes for a realistic and successful future?

  • Did you play professional sports for a few years, but that’s over and you need to find another way to make a living?

  • Has your Olympic career ended and now you want to start a career outside of sports – but how and what?

  • Are you the parent of a student-athlete who wants to ensure your child is ready for success both on and off the field?  

If you said Yes! to one of those questions, Success Beyond Game Day™ is your insider source for business success when your sports career is over. Samantha Card is a former NCAA D1 athlete and Fortune 100 trailblazer who has the answers to athlete’s career questions in her playbook, The Athlete Advantage: Success Beyond Game Day™ – Become Champions in All Aspects of Life. She knows firsthand how commitment to excellence on and off the field can translate into a rewarding, profitable business career, and how to move forward after life on the playing field is over.

Athletes are Unique

Successful athletes are extremely unique in that they are highly coachable, understand sacrifice, hyper focused consistency, can tap into their beast mode and have a winner mentality. Most people simply don’t realize how rare these qualities are. Many people resist coaching and change, and are often afraid to take the first step towards the unknown required to achieve success. But successful athletes welcome coaching and adapt because they understand that continuous training and the smallest changes in their behaviors can lead to major differences in their performance and major wins on the field. It is all about 1% better everyday!

Most people make a change, get a good result and are satisfied with the result. Furthermore, they don’t always understand that success requires discipline and continuous improvement everyday. Especially as there are other people working hard to level up, take their spot and ultimately compete to achieve the highest levels of performance. Undeniably, continual striving for excellence is what sets world class athletes apart from the average weekend warrior. This mindset and attitude are as important in business as they are in sports.

There is a strong relationship between sports and business.

Just think about all the sports phrases used in the workplace:

  • The ball is in their court.
  • Knock it out of the park.
  • Take one for the team.
  • All we need is a single.
  • Dropped the ball.

And let’s face it: business people love athletes.

Think about all the athletes that are hired to be spokespeople for businesses in ads and PR campaigns. Additionally, there are also countless athletes who have gone on to experience very successful business careers after their athletic careers ended.

But exactly how did they do it? And more importantly, how can you do it too? It means that you’re more than an athlete, you’re a brand. As a high-performance athlete, you have the tools to build a successful career in business – you just need to harness them, develop them and use them! It is all about building your championship routine!

This is The Athlete Advantage:


High performance athletes understand that training is continuous and ongoing – and they welcome the coaching, rather than resisting it. This skill is missing from many nonathletes who resist training because they are afraid of failure. Athletes know the secret is to embrace failure and learn from those failures. In failures you learn about your thresholds and begin to challenge a work smarter not harder strategy. This mindset that athletes have can be used to their advantage as they transition to business after their sports career ends.  

Mentor Athletes Samantha Card The Athlete's Advantage: Success Beyond Game Day™

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Mentor Athletics Samantha Card The Athlete's Advantage: Success Beyond Game Day™ working out

This is The Athlete Advantage:

Winner Mentality

Elite athletes invest time and money in conditioning their bodies and their brains. They hire coaches to train and condition their muscles for peak performance. They hire sports psychologists to perfect a winning mentality because they understand winners think differently and use their winning mindset to create a competitive edge. In business, as in sports, winning is everything. But when the inevitable losses do occur it is essential that you recover quickly and retain a winning mentality. That is The Athlete Advantage: how to think differently to create and maintain a winning mentality.

This is The Athlete Advantage:

Reset & Adapt

After spending a lifetime on the playing field, it is hard to imagine it is over and it’s time to move on to new challenges and new opportunities. It’s time for a mindset reset. The Athlete Advantage is that sports has always required resets – new teammates, new coaches, new plays, new opponents. Despite having many of your tools and resources change, an athlete’s ultimate goal doesn’t change: to compete and to win at the highest levels. This ability to stay focused on the big picture and ultimate goal is an advantage athletes have over most people who get caught up in the weeds and don’t know how to move on after a big loss.  

Matthew Williams, Founder of FROPRO® snack bars in ice tub

Matthew Williams,
Founder of FROPRO® snack bars

What’s next? 

You’re more than an athlete, you’re a brand. YOU are your brand:

  • You have name recognition.
  • You have a likable friendly, personality.
  • You have enviable skills. 
  • You have a winning record.
  • You know how to see an opportunity and go for it. 
  • You have the tools – you’re coachable, you’re a team player, you have a winning mentality, you have the skills to succeed in business. 
  • You have scores of contacts on and off the field. 

Your goal is to use your brand to build a career today, get into the most important rooms and garner generational wealth to protect your family in the future.

‘Be about it! Be the one called on with one second on the clock every time!”